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Single Die Paper Plate Machine

Here at Foodmart Agro Engineering The single die paper plate making machine is simple and compact, size machinery, the best option for small or household business owners. Unlike the manual paper plate machine, it offers you automated production of paper plates or dona plates. It is also efficient to produce other size, shape, and design-based varieties; all you need to do is change dies. It is able to produce 600–1200 high-quality paper plates from 4 inches to 14 inches. The machine is also efficient in handling different types of paper based on material and thickness.
We deal in top-notch paper plate-making machines in Delhi, India.

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Product Generic Name Single Die Paper Plate Making Machine
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Brand Name Foodmart Agro Engineering
Usage/Application For Making Paper Plate and Dona
Body Material Iron

Foodmart Agro Engineering pvt. Ltd. is the premier manufacturer and supplier of all types of dona pattal making machines in India. Our machines are available at fair and competitive rates. We deal in all types of paper plate, dona pattal, disposable plates, and buffer plates making machines. We have multiple branches across Delhi, Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal), Uttar Pradesh (Ghaziabad), Bihar (Patna), and Jharkhand (Ranchi). We also offer fast, convenient, and safe PAN India delivery.

How to Choose the Right Paper Plate Making Machine

If you search online or offline, there are several types of machines available with different shapes, sizes, models, variants, and technologies as well.

Choosing the right paper plate making machine is a big problem. Don’t worry, our specialized business consultants and expert consumer care service specialists will assist you.

But unlike it, there are several methods for selecting the right paper plate making machine for your business.

  • Initial investment: it plays an important role in setting up a manufacturing unit. With low investment, you can comfortably go with manual machinery and labor-intensive methods. With a suitable and comparatively high capital, you can go with a mixed approach. And with sufficient initial capital, you can go with capital capital-intensive approach.
  • Market requirements: You can research to understand market needs and consumer requirements.
  • Manufacturing Space: Space is one of the most crucial things to think about because space is directly proportional to the type of machinery. For example, single die paper plate making machines are best for small spaces, and double-die or 8-die-powered machines are best for large spaces.

Why choose us for paper plate making machines?

There are several reasons to consider us for paper plate making machines.

The first reason is that we are the premier manufacturer and supplier of the best paper plate making machines.

The second reason is that we have a huge team of the finest engineers with specialized expertise in this particular field.

The third reason is consumer satisfaction, We offer complete satisfaction to our consumers, by ensuring all the checks are done.

Fourth is the guarantee and warranty, we offer guarantee, warranty, and after-sale services on every product.

Fifth is providing raw materials, we provide all the raw materials related to production and all the wear and tear parts/components and spares.

And many more.


While other companies are just trying to sell you the product to maximize their profit, we are committed to delivering you quality products and services. Our focus is on understanding your unique needs, providing personalized solutions, and ensuring long-term satisfaction. We offer respective guarantees, warranties, training, and after-sales services with the help of our expert technicians, mechanics, customer care executives, and business consultants.  We believe in building lasting relationships based on trust, reliability, and excellence, ensuring your success and growth.

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