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Agarbatti Making Machine

Foodmart Agro Engineering Agarbatti Making Machine Are you looking to start your own agarbatti (incense stick) manufacturing business? Or perhaps you want to expand your existing production line to meet the growing demand for incense products?
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Type Fully Automatic
Production 6 – 8 KG/hr
Weight 150 – 280 kg
Stick Size 8 – 14 inch
Power Req 1 HP , 1 KW


Agarbatti Making Machine – Are you in the agarbatti manufacturing industry and looking to enhance your production process? Foodmart Agro Engineering Manufacturer and Supplier is here to provide you with high quality agarbatti making machines that can streamline your production process and maximize your efficiency. Read on to discover how our machines can benefit your business.

India is certainly one of the most important Agarbatti ( incense sticks) generating international locations in the home and worldwide markets. Foodmart Agro Engineering is the manufacturer and dealer of the satisfactory satisfactory guide and automated agarbatti machines used to make agarbatti. Our agarbatti-making machines are reliable and consumer-friendly answers for small-scale and massive-scale incense stick manufacturing.

Varieties of Agarbatti Making Machines:

(1). Guide agarbatti making machine: it’s far a compact tool designed to streamline and simplify Agarbatti manufacturing. these machines characteristic a strong steel base, and funnel-formed paste holder.

(2). Completely automated agarbatti making system: This device is a mechanized tool designed to streamline agarbatti manufacturing. This maximizes productiveness and takes your agarbatti manufacturing to the next degree. It handles numerous production stages, consisting of raw material practice, computerized stick counting, and packaging. those computerized agarbatti machines are perfect for big-scale production centers or businesses aiming to scale up their agarbatti manufacturing.

(3). Agarbatti dryer machine with heater: conventional drying might also want ample space, posing demanding situations for small or medium-scale agarbatti producers. as soon as coated, Agarbatti have to need to dry to keep their shape and aroma. This guarantees uniform drying of each agarbatti, preventing the hazard of over drying or below-drying thru controlled heat and air. It is straightforward to manipulate and run with a person-friendly control panel, even for novices.

(4). Saltpeter (Potassium nitrate ): It acts as a effective oxidizing agent in agarbatti combustion. This facilitating oxygen launch for constant or even burning of the incense stick. This enhances environmental friendliness and indoor suitability.

(5). fragrant substance: inside the agarbatti making business, aromatic materials together with jasmine, lavender, sandalwood, and plant life keep large importance. Their intoxicating fragrances have a profound impact on individuals, developing a calm surroundings. the usage of fragrant substances in agarbatti not handiest enhances the atmosphere but also gives intellectual nicely-being and non secular practices.

(6). Herb, spice, or fragrance: these make contributions a natural attraction and enhance the overall aromatic revel in of the product. those elements deliver a unique fragrance to incense sticks, making them extra exceptional to apply. humans regularly choose Agarbatti with herbs and spices over artificial fragrances, believing inside the therapeutic benefits of herbal components.

(7). Water for blending: Water is also used in the mixing technique to create a consistent paste.

To Make The Incense Paste, Comply With These Steps:

  • Take a clean and dry bowl.
  • Add the Jig at powder and charcoal powder in a 1:2 ratio (modify as in line with your desire).
  • Slowly upload water even as stirring constantly till you reap a dough-like consistency. The paste should stick together without crumbling.


If you are an agarbatti manufacturer looking to optimize your production process, the Foodmart Agro Engineering Manufacturers and Supplier agarbatti making machine is your ultimate solution. Experience the power of automation, unmatched reliability, and versatility with our state of the art machine. to new heights. Visit our website now to learn more about our products and place your order today!

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