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Double Die Paper Plate Machine

Foodmart Agro Engineering has established itself as a reputable Manufacturer and Supplier, celebrated for our high-quality Single Die Paper Plate Machines.
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Type Fully Automatic Double Die ( Center Motor )
Production 2200 – 3000/HR
Weight in kg 380 – 460 kg
Die Size 3 – 14 Depend on Machine
Power Req 1KW Only


Double Die Paper Plate Machine Manufacturers:- At Foodmart Agro Engineering, we take pride in being a leading manufacturer and supplier of cutting edge machinery for the paper plate manufacturing industry. Our state of the art Double Die Paper Plate Machines are revolutionizing the way paper plates are produced, offering efficiency, precision, and high-output capabilities.

About Foodmart Agro Engineering:

As a renowned company in the agro engineering sector, Foodmart is committed to delivering top-notch solutions for the foodservice industry. Our focus on innovation and quality has positioned us as a reliable source for businesses seeking advanced machinery for their operations.

Double Die Paper Plate Machine – Unleashing Efficiency:

Our Double Die Paper Plate Machines stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. These machines are equipped with dual molds, enabling the simultaneous production of two paper plates. This not only doubles the output but also ensures uniformity and consistency in the size and quality of each plate.

Key Features:

  • Dual-die mechanism for increased production efficiency.
  • Hydraulic systems for precise control and seamless operation.
  • User-friendly interface, accommodating both manual and semi-automatic modes.
  • High-speed functionality to minimize downtime and enhance productivity.

Why Choose Foodmart Agro Engineering:

1. Quality Assurance: Our machines undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure durability and reliability.
2. Customization: We understand that each business has unique needs. Our machines can be tailored to meet specific production requirements.
3. After-Sales Support: Foodmart is committed to providing excellent customer service and ongoing support to our clients.

Other Offerings:

In addition to our flagship Double Die Paper Plate Machines, Foodmart Agro Engineering provides a diverse range of machinery to cater to the varying needs of the industry. Explore our range, including Automatic Paper Plate Making Machines, Hydraulic Paper Plate Machines, and Semi Automatic Paper Plate Machines, to find the perfect fit for your production setup.

Sustainable Solutions:

At Foodmart Agro Engineering, we prioritize sustainability. Our machines are designed to be eco-friendly, contributing to a greener and more responsible approach to disposable tableware production.


Elevate your paper plate manufacturing with Foodmart Agro Engineering‘s Double Die Paper Plate Machines. Join the ranks of businesses that have embraced efficiency, innovation, and quality in their operations. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and explore how our machinery can benefit your business.

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