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Chappal Making Machine

Elevate your chappal production with the Chappal Making Machine by Company Foodmart Agro Engineering. With advanced features and a user-friendly design, this machine allows for seamless production of chappals in various sizes and styles. Increase productivity and reduce labor costs with this innovative machine that is built to last.
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Type Fully Automatic
Production 100 – 250/HR
Die Size All Slipper Die
Power Req 220V
Weight in kg( Approx ) 300 – 700 kg

Chappal making machines have revolutionized the footwear industry, increasing production efficiency while maintaining quality and craftsmanship. These machines are indispensable tools for manufacturers, helping them create perfectly crafted chappals with ease. Advancements in technology have transformed slipper making processes, making them more efficient and streamlined

Chappal making machines offer numerous advantages in the production of slippers. These machines increase speed and efficiency, allowing for large quantities of slippers to be produced quickly to meet demand. Additionally, they provide consistency and precision in crafting slipper, ensuring each slipper is identical in size, shape, and design.

How to Choose the Right Chappal Making Machine

Furthermore, these machines offer customization possibilities, with the ability to adjust settings to create chappals in different designs, patterns, and colors to cater to individual preferences. Overall, chappal making machines streamline the production process and offer a higher level of quality and customization compared to hand-crafted slippers.


Foodmart Agro Engineering Company offers chappal making machines that have revolutionized the footwear industry by enabling faster production, consistent precision, and customization possibilities. With their experience and expertise, they are a reliable supplier of slipper making machines in India. If you are in the footwear manufacturing business and looking to streamline your production process, visit Foodmart Agro Engineering Company to revolutionize your chappal production.

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